2012 Jones Cup Men Final Day results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at https://www.box.com/s/d6319f1344755683f669

Iran 87-74 Jordan
Japan 89-70 Lebanon
Philippines 76-75 UPG (US)
Taiwan 77-72 KGC (Korea)

Final Standings:
1. Philippines 7-1
2. Iran 6-2
3. UPG (US) 5-3
4. Taiwan 5-3
5. KGC (South Korea) 5-3
6. Japan 3-5
7. Lebanon 3-5
8. Jordan 2-6
9. Taiwan B 0-8

Philippines beat UPG for Jones Cup gold

L.A. Tenerio made a go-ahead and winning jumper with 20 seconds left as the Philippines rallied in the second half to beat UPG 76-75 and clinch its first William Jones Cup tournament title in 14 years.

The Philippines outscored the Americans 25-16 in the final period and 53-41 in the second half, with the competition became a see-saw game since the latter half of the third period and both teams traded baskets until the last minute.

The Philippines won the tourney with a 7-1 record, dropping the only game to Lebanon. UPG finished with 5-3.

The Philippines last won the Jones Cup in 1998, when the Centennial Team took home its third Jones Cup title.

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 8 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at https://www.box.com/s/d6319f1344755683f669

Lebanon 70-67 UPG (US)
Philippines 76-72 Taiwan
KGC (Korea) 82-73 Iran
Jordan 85-71 Taiwan B

Philippines 6-1
UPG (US) 5-2
Iran 5-2
KGC (South Korea) 5-2
Taiwan 4-3
Lebanon 3-4
Japan 2-5
Jordan 2-5
Taiwan B 0-8

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 7 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at https://www.box.com/s/d6319f1344755683f669

UPG (US) 77-66 Jordan
Philippines 77-75 Iran
KGC (Korea) 84-62 Japan
Taiwan 84-66 Taiwan B

Iran 5-1
Philippines 5-1
UPG (US) 5-1
Taiwan 4-2
KGC (South Korea) 4-2
Japan 2-5
Lebanon 2-4
Jordan 1-5
Taiwan B 0-7