2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 42,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 10 Film Festivals

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2012 Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship roster (Part One)

Roster of Taiwan and China’s Tianjin Polytechnic University not yet available.

Hong Kong
(No., Name, Position, DOB, School, Height, Weight)
4    潘嘉駿    Pun Ka Chun    前鋒    1990.4.30    香港理工大學    188cm    88kg
5    盧致誠    Lo Chi Shing    前鋒    1991.2.14    香港理工大學    188cm    84kg
6    李頌軒    Li Chung Hin    前鋒    1992.1.11    香港理工大學    182cm    76kg
7    莫家俊    Mok Ka Chun    中鋒    1988.5.28    香港理工大學    202cm    98kg
8    陳兆榮    Chan Siu Wing    後衛    1992.4.26    香港城市大學    185cm    70kg
9    李琪    Lee Ki    後衛    1987.10.16    香港教育學院    179cm    74kg
10    周家駒    Chow Ka Kui    後衛    1988.1.7    香港理工大學    182cm    90kg
11    連浩駿    Lin Ho Chun    前鋒    1990.10.21    香港城市大學    184cm    82kg
12    林凱光    Lam Hoi Kwong    前鋒    1989.4.28    香港理工大學    183cm    78kg
13    劉凱濤    Lau Hoi To    前鋒    1991.8.29    香港理工大學    200cm    90kg
14    張力允    Cheung Lik Wan    後衛    1989.8.18    香港理工大學    172cm    62kg
15    蔡龍德    Tsoi Lung Tak    中鋒    1988.12.12    香港城市大學    200cm    96kg
Coach:    Leung Tat Keung

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2012 Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship schedule

2012 AUB

Preliminary round
Oct. 30
15:00 Mongolia vs. Hong Kong
17:00 China vs. Korea
18:50 Opening ceremony
19:30 Taiwan vs. Philippines
Oct. 31
15:00 Mongolia vs. China
17:00 Philippines vs. Korea
19:00 Taiwan vs. Hong Kong
Nov. 1
15:00 Philippines vs. Mongolia
17:00 China vs. Hong Kong
19:00 Korea vs. Taiwan
Nov. 2
15:00 Hong Kong vs. Philippines
17:00  Mongolia vs. Korea
19:00 Taiwan vs. China
Nov. 3
14:00 Korea vs. Hong Kong
16:00 China vs. Philippines
18:00 Taiwan vs. Mongolia

Nov. 4
14:00 5/6 classification game
16:00 Bronze medal game
18:00 Championship game
Closing ceremony

All games played at Sinjhuang Stadium, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Shanghai wins 2012 Straits Cup invitational


Shanghai Sharks defeated Pure Youth Construction 80-62 on Monday and won the four-team 2012 Straits Cup Invitational with a 3-0 record.

Shanghai only led by one at the half but limited PY to 9 points in the third period with the help of strong defense from Tseng Wen-ting, who had 5 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steals, and Zhang Zhaoxu, who tallied 15 points, 12 boards and 4 blocks.

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Su Yi-chieh signs with Xinjiang

Local media reported that Su Yi-chieh, who played with Taiwan Mobile last season, has signed with China’s Xinjiang and became the sixth Taiwanese player to play in China next season.

Su tested with Xinjiang two years ago but did not sign with the team.

Xinjiang made the semifinal round in the Chinese pro league CBA last season.

The six Taiwanese players to play in China next year are Su, Lin Chih-chieh (Zhejiang), Tseng Wen-ting (Shanghai), Yang Ching-min (Shanxi), Lee Hsueh-lin (Beijing) and Hong Chih-shan (Dongguan).