2012 Jones Cup Men Day 2 results

Iran’s Samad Bahrami scored a tournament-high 32 points.

KGC (South Korea) 94-78 Lebanon
Philippines 99-68 Taiwan B
Iran 71-59 Japan
UPG (US) 100-77 Taiwan

Iran 2-0
KGC (South Korea) 2-0
Philippines 2-0
UPG (US) 1-0
Taiwan 1-1
Taiwan B 0-2
Jordan 0-1
Japan 0-2
Lebanon 0-2

(Photos: CTBA)

4 responses to “2012 Jones Cup Men Day 2 results

  1. hi, thanks for your coverage of the jones cup in english :)
    just want to tell you, that all your links with “http://2012wjc.basketball-tpe.org/…” don’t seem to work (i tried them a week ago too). the domain does not exist, not even google has indexed anything from this domain.

  2. Some readers mentioned that to me in their emails as well. Honestly I have no idea why, because they all work to me. (I live in Taipei, Taiwan)

  3. your link doesnt work

  4. yeah, i live in taipei too. i configured my notebook to use google dns servers some time ago. now i changed back to “automatic dns server” and i can open the links now!

    hoopjunkie, if you have contacts to the jones cup people maybe they should check their dns config, it’s an international tournament so the site should work outside taiwan too…

    everybody, you can configure your computer to show the jones cup website: you edit the file
    and add this line: 2012wjc.basketball-tpe.org

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