Philippines beat Taiwan to reach semi behind Douthit’s 37


Philippine center Marcus Douthit was unstoppable. The naturalized center had 37 points and 10 rebounds as Philippines rallied in the second half to beat Taiwan 95-78 in the quarterfinal of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship for Men and advanced to the semifinals.

Philippines advanced to Asian semifinals for the first time since 1987 while Taiwan failed to make the final four for the first time since 1999.

Despite Taiwan coaching staff knew that Douthit would be the key man in the Philippines’ offense and had reportedly designed special defensive plans to contain Douthit, the former NBA draft pick still dominated the paint, shooting 14-for-25 in the game.

FPG201192355342Taiwan played brilliantly for 15 minutes, leading by as many as nine points in the first half. It led by eight after backup forward James Mao’s three-pointer with 4:40 left, but Philippines answered with a 14-3 run to close the first half leading by three.

Taiwan was out of synch in the second half as Philippines jumped to a 65-50 lead. It was hurt after point guard Lee Hsueh-lin was bloodied by an elbow of Joseph Casio and was forced to leave the game.

Taiwanese center Tseng Wen-ting fouled out of the game with 4:27 remaining. While Lu Cheng-ju made consecutive threes to pull within seven with three minutes left, it was too late.

Tseng led Taiwan with 20 points and five rebounds while Chen Hsin-an had 14. Lu scored 12 points and Lin Chih-chieh turned in 10 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Wu Tai-hao had 9 and 7.

Ranidel De Ocampo had 18 points for the Philippines. Masio Lassiter had 13 and 8.

Taiwan is scheduled to meet two-time defending champion Iran, which was shocked by Jordan in the quarterfinal, tomorrow but Lee Hsueh-lin would probably sit out the game for receiving stitches above his left eyebrow.

Several Taiwanese players were quoted as saying that they were not happy with the cheap shots thrown by some opposing players, but they also acknowledged that their poor play in the second half was why the Philippines had an opportunity for the comeback.

(Photos: FIBA Asia)


5 thoughts on “Philippines beat Taiwan to reach semi behind Douthit’s 37

  1. ha ha ha, cheap shots, the writer of this was suck, are oyu blind did u not see the replay,casio did not hit your guard by his elbow its an accidental headbut and your team was suck,we beat you in the last jones cup not once but twice even the refferee are on your side still we pull down your national team, and for your information most of the member of philippines national squad that participating now in the on going fiba asia in wuhan are came from amateur squad only 4players are came from profesional league….lol….

  2. Our team sucks actually, and it never change 6 years ago. Same players, same style (relying too much on three points) Yeah I saw the replay. It was not an elbowed. That was accidental and unintentional headbutt. The writer should be careful of what he was writing.

    Writer should emphasize also the big contributions of Philippines point guards. Not just Douhdit scores. Philippines points guard were the one why their bigman get a high scores. They were good, then can execute a play and make an assists to make their bigman get the score.

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