Dailey leads Yulon to victory

[Picture: jermaine Dailey]

Jermaine Dailey, the second import Yulon Luxgen was testing, had 19 points and 15 rebounds in an 82-74 win over Taiwan Mobile Sunday.

— Players and teams will have a mid-season break for 12 days due to the Lunar New Year vacation — a traditional holidays for Taiwanese. The regular season will not resume until Feb. 11.

Jan. 30
TB 89-83 Dacin
TB: E. Jones 22p+15rb, Chen Shih-nian 20p, D. Creighton 16p
Dacin: A. Foyle 15p+12rb, Tien Lei 15p, Chen Tse-wei 14p

Yulon 82-74 TM
Yulon: J. Dailey 19p+15rb, Lu Cheng-ju 19p, Yang Che-yi 15p
TM: M. Dove 23p+12rb, Su Yi-chieh 14p, Wu Yong-jen 12p

PY 89-69 KKL
PY: Hong Chih-shan 31p+7a, R. Jennings 12p+26rb
KKL: S. Hwakins 28p+19rb, Chang Jung-hsuan 16p

1. TB 14-2
2. PY 11-5
3. Dacin 8-7
4. Yulon 8-8
5. BOT 5-9
6. TM 4-11
7. KKL 3-11


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