SBL Week 4 MVP: Rashad Jones-Jennings


Pure Youth import Rashad Jones-Jennings became the first repeat winner of the SBL weekly MVP when he was named Week 4 MVP Tuesday. The American forward averaged 22.7 points, 25.3 rebounds and led PY to a perfect 3-0 week.

Jennings missed by a bucket to become the first SBL player to have five straight 20-20s during a season, but he did not seem to mind, saying that individual statistics came second.

He is averaging 18.7 points and 21.6 rebounds for the season.

Jennings had 36 points in the media poll. TB’s Yang Ching-min came second with 16 points.

2010-11 SBL Weekly MVPs:
Week 4: Rashad Jones-Jennings (PY)
Week 3: Rashad Jones-Jennings (PY)
Week 2: Yang Ching-min (TB)
Week 1: Tseng Wen-ting (Yulon)

(Photo: ESPN Taiwan)


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