HBL champions year-by-year

HBL men’s champion year-by-year:
Year Champion, Runner-up
2011-12 Nan-shan HS, Nen-jen HS
2010-11 Song-shan HS, Nan-shan HS
2009-10 Song-shan HS, Nen-ren HS
2008-09 Song-shan HS, Nen-ren HS
2007-08 Nan-shan HS, San-min HS
2006-07 Nan-shan HS, Hsin-jung HS
2005-06 Hsin-jung HS, Nan-shan HS
2004-05 Tsai-shin HS, Hsin-jung HS
2003-04 Nan-shan HS, San-min HS
2002-03 Tsai-shin HS, Hsin-jung HS
2001-02 Tasi-shin HS, Kao-yuan HS
2000-01 San-min HS, Tsai-shin HS
1999-00 San-min HS, Song-shan HS
1998-99 Ping-tung HS, Nan-shan HS
1997-98 Tsai-shin HS, Ping-tung HS
1996-97 Ping-tung HS, Nan-shan HS
1995-96 Nan-shan HS, Tsai-shin HS
1994-95 Li-chih HS, Nan-shan HS
1993-94 Li-chih HS, Nan-shan HS
1992-93 Ping-tung HS, Li-chih HS
1991-92 Li-chih HS, Feng-yuan Business HS
1990-91 Nan-shan HS, Oriental HS
1989-90 Ping-tung HS, Nan-shan HS
1988-89 Miaoli HS, Ping-tung HS

HBL women’s champion year-by-year:
Year Champion, Runner-up
2011-12 Taipei First Girls’ HS, Pu Men HS
2010-11 Hu-jiang HS, Hai-shan HS
2009-10 Tamsui HS, Pu Men HS
2008-09 Pu Men HS, Yang-ming HS
2007-08 Hsi-shan HS, Tamsui HS
2006-07 Hai-shan HS, Tamsui HS
2005-06 Hai-shan HS, Jin-ou HS
2004-05 Tamsui HS, Hsi-shan HS
2003-04 Jin-ou HS, Hai-shan HS
2002-03 Tamsui HS, Hai-shan HS
2001-02 Tamsui HS, Jin-ou HS
2000-01 Jin-ou HS, Tamsui HS
1999-00 Nan-shan HS, Chung-hwa HS
1998-99 Chung-hwa HS, Jin-ou HS
1997-98 Ku-pao HS, Nan-shan HS
1996-97 Jin-ou HS, Ku-pao HS
1995-96 Tamsui HS, Jin-ou HS
1994-95 Tamsui HS, Nan-shan HS
1993-94 Tamsui HS, Jin-ou HS
1992-93 Jin-ou HS, Cheng-kung HS
1991-92 Jin-ou HS, Blessed Imelda’s School
1990-91 Chung-hwa HS, Chung-hsing HS
1989-90 Jin-ou HS, Blessed Imelda’s School
1988-89 Chung-hsing HS, Chung-hwa HS


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