2010-11 UBA final eight

A1 National Taiwan Normal University
A2 National Dong Hwa University
A3 National Taiwan University of Art
B1 Fu Jen Catholic University
B2 Chinese Culture University
B3 National Kaohsiung Normal University
Wildcard Ming Dao University
Wildcard Hsing Wu College

Group A Standings
1. National Taiwan Normal University 6-1
2. National Dong Hwa University 5-2
3. National Taiwan University of Art 5-2
4. Ming Dao University 5-2
5. Ming Chuan College 3-4
6. Shih Hsin University 2-5
7. Taiwan Shoufu University 2-5
8. Taipei Physical Education College 0-7

Group B Standings
1. Fu Jen Catholic University 7-0
2. Chinese Culture University
3. National Kaohsiung Normal University
4. Hsing Wu College
5. National Taiwan College of Physical Education
6. National Taiwan Sport University
7. Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health 1-6
8. National University of Tainan 0-7


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