Local media features import players

Apple Daily had a feature on import players in its preview of the 2010-11 SBL season this week.

Taiwan Mobile: Marcus Dove
The two-time defensive player of the year in the Big 12 is the highest-paid import this season. TM hopes that Dove can help on both ends of the court.


Pure Youth: Rashad Jones-Jennings
PY was reportedly concerned about Jones-Jennings’ right knee injury and his speed, which could slow down PY’s offense.


Taiwan Beer: Emmanuel Jones
Jones averaged 17.5 points and 4 rebounds in 19 minutes in two warm-up games, but TB was reportedly worried about his defense.


KKL: Sheldon Bailey
KKL brought in Bailey to improve its weak interior defense.


Dacin: Keith Gayden
Gayden’s is quicker than former Dacin center Byron Allen, who helped take the team to two SBL Finals appearances.


Bank of Taiwan: Jason Faulknor
Faulknor was reportedly blending in well with his teammates and the new environment. The natural small forward-shooting guard will be asked to defend bigger opponents in the new season.


(Photos: Apple Daily)


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