Final roster of Taiwan men’s NT for Asian Games announced

CTBA announced the final roster of Taiwan men’s national team for Guangzhou Asian Games Friday and said that the team will meet Liaoning, which is visitiing Taiwan, on Oct. 27 in a friendly game before leaving for China on Oct. 28 for a seires of warmup games.

Taiwan NT will meet the Philippines NT, North Korea NT and Guangdong Dongguan of China’s CBA in Guangdong and return to Taiwan on Nov. 2.

Wu Feng-cheng, Chien Chia-hung, Chang Chih-feng and Cheng jen-wei were dropped from the 16-man roster.

Yang Chin-min 1984.1.22 188 85 Taiwan Beer
Lee Hsueh-lin 1984.1.31 176 75 Yulon
Chen Shih-nian 1984.4.8 180 76 Taiwan Beer
Chen Shun-hsiang 1985.5.25 190 90 Bank of Taiwan
Hung Chih-shan 1985.7.5 176 75 Pure Youth
Lu Cheng-ju 1986.4.13 194 88 Yulon
Mao Chia-en 1982.11.16 196 90 Pure Youth
Tien Lei 1983.6.1 202 100 Dacin
Wu Tai-hao 1985.2.7 202 100 Taiwan Beer
Tseng Wen-ting 1984.7.6 203 90 Yulon
Lin Chih-chieh 1982.6.11 192 95 Taiwan Beer
Chou Po-chen 1990.8.8 196 94 University

Head coach: Zhang Xuelei
Assistants: Chiu Chi-yi, Wei Yung-tai


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