2010 Jones Cup Day 5: Philippines edges Taiwan in overtime


Let’s just say Marcus Douthit almost single-handedly took the Philippines to a 96-93 overtime victory over host Taiwan NT Sunday before Joseph Casio stripped the potential game-tying shot away from Lee Hsueh-lin. But both sides agreed that refs suck in this game.

Douthit was a man among boys, tallying 33 points, 22 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals and 4 blocks. However, the Philippines almost let the win slip away. Led by 12 points with four minutes to go in regulation, Philippines failed to hold the lead as the game went into overtime.

菲律賓阿奇拉(左)多西特It showed mental lapses again in the extra session. Taiwan again made it a two-point game with 3.9 seconds to go in overtime. After a timeout, Lee Hsueh-lin dribbled to the right corner and was ready to launch a game-winning three. Casio stripped the ball away with no call from the referees.

Casio, thinking that the game was over, grabbed the ball and walked away with the clock still running. It was supposed to be a walking violation. Taiwan protested to no avail.

Give Taiwan sharp shooter Chen Shun-hsiang credit for taking his team on his shoulder when needed. Chen made crucial shots again and again in the final quarter and overtime. He made the last of his game-high sex three-pointers with 17 seconds to go in regulation to tie the score at 80 and scored four points to cut the deficit to 89-88 in overtime.

Chen finished with 32 points, making 6 of 8 three-pointers.

The Philippines led 73-62 with four minutes to go in regulation before Taiwan made four threes in the final rally.

(Photos: ESPN Taiwan)


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