Taiyuan wins first title in 12 years

Liu Chun-yi had 24 oints and 9 rebounds and Tsai Pei-chen added 19 and 8 as Taiyuan Textile beat Chunghwa Telecom 66-59 in Game 3 of the 2010 WSBL (Women’s Super Basketball League) Finals to win the series 2-1 and its first title in 12 years.

With Taiyuan winning and Yulon Luxgen leading Dacin 3-2 in the SBL Finals, Yulon Group could become the first company in history to win the men’s and women’s title in the same year.

Chunghwa telecom was led by Chiang Feng-chun’s 20 points and 7 rebounds and Wen Chi’s 14 points.

Taipower and Fo Guang finished third and fourth respectively in the four-team league.

Cathay Life, the 4-time WSBL champions from 2006-2009, withdrew from the season to protest Chunghwa Telecom’s recruit of its former player Chiang Feng-chun.

Chiang, one of the best players in Taiwan and widely seen as one of the best forwards in Asia, came out of retirement and joined Chunghwa Telecom. Her former employ Cathay Life, which has won 17 straight women’s titles, announced Feb. 9 that it will pull out of the 2010 season over Chiang’s controversy.


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