SBL teams starting lineups prediction

The following prediction was made by Apple Daily:

Dacin Tigers
PG Wang Chih-chun  5.5p+2.1a
SG Chang Chih-feng  18p+4.7rb+2.5a
SF Lin Yi-hui  10.5p+3.9rb
PF Tien Lei  15.4p+6.9rb
C Byron Allen  12.1p+9.9rb

Pure Youth
PG Hong Chih-shan  9.2p+2.8a
SG Chang Yu-lin  7.9p+2.5rb
SF James Mao  12p+4.6rb+2.3a
SF Tsai Wen-cheng  13.5p+5.8rb
C Jonathan Sanders  DNP

Taiwan Mobile
PG Hsu Tse-hsin  7.9p+3.7rb+3.1a
SG Wu Yong-jen  12.1p+3.9rb+4.1a
SF Ouyang Ching-heng  16p+4.7rb
PF Hsu Wei-sheng  10.3p+4.6rb
C Yen Cheng-hong  10.1p+4.6rb

Bank of Taiwan
PG Sun Hwan-po  DNP
SG Chen Shun-hsiang  14.2p+3.2rb+2.5a
SF Doug Creighton  6.2p+3.9rb
PF Chang Jung-hsuan  7p+3.3rb
C Hsu Chih-chang  17.3p+8.4p

Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor
PG Kao Jie-shang  3.6p+2.5a
SG Chen Ching-hwan  15.7p+6.9rb
SF Shawn Hawkins  DNP
PF Cheng Jen-wei  14.1p+6.5rb
C Hong Ying-che  1.1p+1.2rb

Taiwan Beer
PG Chen Shih-nian  8p+2.8rb+3.9a
SG Yang Yu-ming  9.6p
SF Yang Ching-min  19p+4.7rb+2a
PF Ho Shou-cheng  13.1p+6rb
C Wu Tai-hao  12p+7rb

Yulon Luxgen
PG Lee Hsueh-lin  9.6p+3.2rb+3.8a
SG Chou Shih-yuan  11.6p+3.2rb
SF Yang Che-yi  11.7p+3.4rb+2.2a
PF Wu Chih-wei  10.1p+3.6rb
C Tseng Wen-ting  16.7p+9.3rb+4.4a


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