Jones Cup Men – Taiwan overcomes tough Philippines


A 14-2 game-closing run helped Taiwan overcome a tough Philippine team Sunday night as the home boys defeated its southern neighbours 86-77 and stayed undefeated.

Taiwan shot the lights out in the first half by making 11 three-pointers for a 53-38 halftime lead. But it nearly wasted its 19-point advantage after Philippines rallied in the second half.

Philippines closed the gap with a 12-0 run in the third quarter which made the score 65-62. Taiwan panicked while Philippines kept on pushing. A dunk by Japeth Aguilar even put Philippines in front 68-66 with 6:47 left.

The score was tied at 72 after Kerby Raymundo’s freethrows with 3:30 to go. The tension finally awakened the home team. Tien Lei, Lee Fong-yong and Yang Chin-min made consecutive jumpers in a 14-2 run that put the game away.

"I didn’t expect it, " Taiwan head coach Chung Kwang-suk spoke about the hot-shooting in the first half. "However, we always had a messy second half."

"We had a chance to win after being down by 19, " said Philippines head coach Joseller Guiao. Guiao also said the officiating was quite different from the PBA as Philippines was whistled for traveling a number of times.

Philippines outrebounded Taiwan 45-30.

Korea had three 20-point scorers in a 101-93 win over Taiwan second NT. Lee Kyu-sup had 23, Kim Min-soo had 22 and Kim Joo-sung had 20 points, 8 rebounds and 7 blocks.

Tsai Chun-min, who led Taiwan 2nd NT with 22 points and 20 boards, had 12 points in the first half as Taiwan 2nd NT surprised everyone with a 54-49 halftime lead.

Korea quickly regrouped in the second half and took the lead back although Taiwan 2nd stayed close.

Lu Cheng-ju had 15 points and Jet Chang had 14 for Taiwan 2nd.

China sends advance scout Goorjian to Jones Cup

Former Australia NT head coach Brian Goorjian, who currently works as a technical advisor for China NT, was spotted courtside scouting Asian teams for the preparation of the upcoming Asian Championship in Tianjin, China.

5 thoughts on “Jones Cup Men – Taiwan overcomes tough Philippines

  1. They just have the home court advantage. Because if both teams just played outside their countries, I would tell that Team Philippines will mash out Team Taiwan.

  2. Taiwan team is always relying on their 3 point shot. Even if you watch their SBL league, it’s look like three points battle. LOL. They dont want to use the paint.

    If I’m not mistaken, on that game, the taiwanese has more than 10 three points made. Homocourt advantage has a big factor. Compare to the Philippines that only has 2 three’s made. I hope Phil. and Taiwan meet again in Quarter final in Tianjin, China. I believe Phil. would crush again taiwan like what happened in 2007 Jones cup.

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