Jones Cup Day 3 results


Jordan 73-63 Lebanon
Key stats: Jordan had a 25-13 3rd quarter. Z. Abbas led Jordan with 17 points. Osama Daghles had 12. Brian Feghali had 19 for Lebanon.

Philippines 85-67 Kazakhstan
Key stats: Philippines led 22-12 after first quarter. Willie Miller scored a team-high 13 points. Dmitriy Gavrilov led Kazakhstan with 23 and 12.

Korea 76-69 Iran
Key stats: Iran committed 17 turnovers, seven more than Korea.

Taiwan 87-74 Taiwan 2nd

Korea 3-0
Taiwan 3-0
Jordan 2-0
Lebanon 2-1
Iran 1-1
Philippines 1-2
Japan 0-2
Kazakhstan 0-3
Taiwan 2nd 0-3

(Photo: Jones Cup official website)


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