Taiwan unveils preliminary roster for FIBA Women’s Championship

CTBA on Friday announced a preliminary 16-man roster for the 2009 FIBA Women’s Championship which will be held in India in August.

The team is a mix of young and old and based on the World University NT with seven players coming from the squad. The coaching staff is also kept intact, including head coach Hung Ling-yao, assistant coaches Teng Pi-yun and Chien Wei-chuan.

Training camp will start on July 22 before a final roster adjustment being made on August 22 for the championship.

Name    D.O.B    Height
Ma Yi-hung    1980    176
Chen Yi-feng    1984    171
Lan Jui-yu        1983    171
Lin Chi-wen    1983    186
Cheng Hui-yun    1977    186
Lin Hui-mei    1981    177
Liu Chun-yi    1981    180
Chu Yung-hsuan    1981    177
Lee Wan-ting    1986    180
Chen Yu-chun    1987    176
Wu Min-fang    1987    174
Huang Fan-shan    1987    174
Chang Ning    1988    184
Wen Chi        1984    169
Huang Ping-chen    1989    177
Chang Shih-chieh    1986    172

Head Coach: Hung Ling-yao
Coach: Teng Pi-yun
Coach: Chien Wei-chuan


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