Asian Men’s Basketball Championship history

Asian Men’s Basketball Championship history







1960 Manila Philippines Taiwan Japan Korea
1963 Taiwan Philippines Taiwan Korea Thailand
1965 Kuala Lumpur Japan Philippines Korea Thailand
1967 Seoul Philippines Korea Japan Indonesia
1969 Bangkok Korea Japan Philippines Taiwan
1971 Tokyo Japan Philippines Korea Taiwan
1973 Manila Philippines Korea Taiwan Japan
1975 Bangkok China Japan Korea India
1977 Kuala Lumpur China Korea Japan Malaysia
1979 Nagoya China Japan Korea Philippines
1981 Calcutta China Korea Japan Philippines
1983 Hong Kong China Japan Korea Kuwait
1985 Kuala Lumpur Philippines Korea China Malaysia
1987 Bangkok China Korea Japan Philippines
1989 Beijing China Korea Taiwan Japan
1991 Kobe China Korea Japan Taiwan
1993 Jakarta China DPR Korea Korea Iran
1995 Seoul China Korea Japan Taiwan
1997 Riyadh Korea Japan China Saudi Arabia
1999 Fukuoka China Korea Saudi Arabia Taiwan
2001 Shanghai China Lebanon Korea Syria
2003 Harbin China Korea Qatar Lebanon
2005 Doha China Lebanon Qatar Korea
2007 Tokushima Iran Lebanon Korea Kazakhstan
2009 Tianjin        

One thought on “Asian Men’s Basketball Championship history

  1. Philippines is the barometer in getting Jones Cup crown you will see it in the history.Im proud to be a Filipino. Go Smart Gilas Get the crown Again.

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