Songshan HS leads HBL men’s quarterfinal

Songshan High School, which has never won the HBL title despite coming into each season as one of the title contenders, finished the HBL men’s quarterfinal round with a undefeated 7-0 record. Songshan HS also extended its winning streak this season to 13 games.

The quarterfinal round did not eliminate anyone in the eight-team field. Teams were seeded according to their placings in the single round robin competition.

Men’s final eight placing:
1. Songshan HS 7-0
2. Chang-shu HS 5-2
3. Nen-jen HS 4-3
4. Nanshan HS 4-3
5. Taishan HS 4-3
6. Pingtung HS 3-4
7. Keelung Commercial and Industrial VOcational HS 1-6
8. Youth HS 0-7

Women’s final eight placing:
1. Haishan HS 7-0
2. Pu Men HS 5-2
3. Tamsui Vocational HS 5-2
4. Hujiang HS 4-3
5. Yang-ming HS 3-4
6. Taipei First Girls’ HS 3-4
7. Jinou HS 1-6
8. Miaoli Vocational HS 0-7

The final round will be played at National Taiwan University Arena starting March 20.


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