TB routs KKL with eight


Yang Ching-min.

Yang Ching-min and Lin Chih-chieh combined for 47 points as Taiwan Beer beat KKL 83-60 with only eight players and took its record back to .500 (3-3). The defending champion was limited to eight players because six TB players was suspended for one or two games after the scuffle with Taiwan Mobile last week.

Yang Ching-min, who has replaced Lin Chih-chieh as TB’s top gun, scored 29 points while Lin had 18 points, seven boards but committed eight turnovers. Yang averaged 22 points per game this season. Lin is averaging 16.6 points per game.


Tien Lei had 21 points and seven rebounds in Dacin’s 80-66 win over Taiwan Mobile, which also lost Mario Boggan to suspension. Chang Chih-fung had 16 points for Dacin, who’s leading the league 6-1. TM’s Liu Sheng-yao and Wu Yong-jen scored 14 each.

Pure Youth snapped its four-game losing streak with the 102-88 win over Bank of Taiwan behind Lin Tsun-ching’s season-high 24 points.

Dacin 6-1
Yulon 5-1
TB 3-3
PY 3-4
TM 3-4
KKL 2-4
BOT 1-6

(Photo: SBL official website)


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