Guanhu Cup interrupted by super typhoon

The remaining games of the 2008 Guanhu Cup have been cancelled because of a super typhoon which is hitting Taiwan, game organizers said Saturday. Semifinal games and the the championship game will not be played.

Yulon, Taiwan Beer, Singapore Slingers and Korea’s Kyunghee University advanced to the semifinal Saturday after the quarterfinal round. But that was as far as the competition went as Taiwan braced for Typhoon Jangmi, the fourth and the most powerful typhoon hitting the country this summer.

The cancellation of the games was inevitable as Typhoon Jangmi made its landfall in Taiwan’s eastern coast Sunday afternoon. Hualien, where Guanhu Cup is being played, is in eastern Taiwan.

Sept. 27 Quarterfinal results:

Yulon 82-74 Dacin
Taiwan Beer 99-95 dmedia
Slingers 97-84 Phoenix
Kyunghee Univ. 95-90 Pure Youth


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