2008 Guanhu Cup Invitational Primer

Guanhu Cup, also known as Hualien Probation Basketball, is an annual tournament organized by local Hualien County Basketball Commission and invites international teams every year. It’s not easy for a local basketball commission to do that.

All SBL teams except Dacin Tigers will play in Hualien this year. Among the visiting teams, Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix is an expansion teams in Japan’s BJ League which will begin its inaugural season in October.

At the same time, Kyunghee University of South Korea visited Taiwan almost every year either for training tour or playing in tournaments like Guanhu Cup.

Date: Sept. 24-28
Place: Hualien, Taiwan (A city on the east coast of Taiwan by the Pacific Ocean)
Participating Teams: (10)
Taiwanese teams:
Yulon Dinos
Taiwan Beer
Bank of Taiwan
Taiwan Mobile
dmedia Numen
Pure Youth

Foreign teams:
Singaporean National Team
Kyunghee University, South Korea
NBC team, Philippines
Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix, Japan

2007 Dacin Tigers
2006 Yulon Dinos
2005 Aisin Seahorses, Japan


Guanhu Cup Wikipedia (Mandarin)


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