High school basketball: Nanshan, Haishan defended titles

Haishan HS beat Tamsui HS 67-42 in the championship game on March 15 and completed a three-peat in HBL (High School Basketball League) women’s group. Nanshan HS also defended its men’s title with a 69-62 victory over Sanmin HS.

Final Placing:

1. Nanshan HS
2. Sanmin HS
3. Hsinjung HS
4. Chiangshu HS
5. Songshan HS
6. Kainan HS
7. Nenjen HS
8. Pintung HS

1. Haishan HS
2. Tamsui HS
3. Puman HS
4. Chin-ou HS
5. Taipei First Girls’ HS
6. Yangming HS
7. Anle HS
8. Nanhu HS


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