Pure Youth makes strong bid to top four

Jan. 27
dmedia 96-72 BOT
dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 42p(14-24 FG, 8-8 FT), J. Sanders 20p+21rb+7a+3blk
BOT: Chien Ming-fu 16p, Chang Jung-hsuan 15p, Hsu Chi-chan 13p+10rb

PY 82-78 Dacin
PY: Chien Jia-hong 33p(10-21 FG), Wu Jian-long 13p+8rb, Lin Jin-ban 13p, Zuo Tsun-kai 11p
Dacin: Chen Tse-wei 16p, Lin Yi-huei 16p, Su Yi-chieh 11p

TB 84-77 Yulon
TB: Yang Chin-min 20p+7rb, Ho SHo-jen 18p, Lin Chih-jay 2p+8rb+9a, Wu Dai-hao 12p+9rb
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 20p+12rb+8a, Lee Hsueh-lin 23p, Lu Cheng-ju 13p

Jan. 26
PY 107-100 TB
PY: Chien Jia-hong 35p(14-25 FG)+8rb, Zuo Tsun-kai 33p(10-17 FG), Chen Shi-jay 11p+6rb+8a+4s
TB: Ho Sho-jen 19p+8rb, Lin Chih-jay 17p, Wu Dai-hao 18p+8rb, Lo Shin-liang 16p

Yulon 86-79 dmedia
Yulon: Chou Shi-yuan 30p, Chen Hsin-an 21p+9rb, Lee Hsueh-lin 19p
dmedia: J. Sanders 28p+13rb+7a

Dacin 62-51 TM
Dacin: Wang Chih-chun 12p, Lin Yi-huei 12p, Su Yi-chieh 9p+7rb+7a
TM: Hsu Tse-shin 13p+7rb, Hsu Wei-shen 11p+7rb, Wu Yong-jen 11p

Jan. 25
Dacin 70-66 BOT
Dacin: Chen Tse-wei 13p+8rb, Lee Fong-yong 13p+8rb, Chang Chi-feng 13p
BOT: Hsu Chi-chan 15p+7rb, Chien Ming-fu 15p, Lin Chih-long 10P=8rb

dmedia 70-58 TM
dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 18p, J. Sanders 15p+18rb, Lin Kwan-lun 13p, Wu Jia-long 12p
TM: Wu Yong-jen 17p, Hsu Wei-shen 16p


3 thoughts on “Pure Youth makes strong bid to top four

  1. Dear Chris, I am living in Taipei and i am an SBL fan so i have first of all to congradulate you for your efforts, writing down and commenting on the SBL results every week. It is a great help to get the information i need in english since i cannot speak/read chinese.
    This championship looks exciting since beyond the best 3 teams (Yulon, Taiwan Beer and Dacin), there are also other teams hard to beat and many games are really exciting. I kind of favor Taiwan Beer mainly due to my admiration for Wu Dai-Hao but Yulon has a very intelligent coach and looks more like a team compared to Taiwan Beer despite the last having in my opinion the most talented players. There is a chemistry problem i feel. Dacin has improved in the defensive side of the game but they are obviously missing a lot Tien-lei. T-Media is a good team but i cannot see them reaching the finals. Anyway, we are on the making of an interesting championship.
    Many thanks again for your efforts and the great information you provide!

  2. Hi Christos,

    Thanks for your comment. It’s a pity that I didn’t have much time, otherwise I would definitely write more on the SBL.

    I agree with your observation that TB has a chemistry problem. They have too any good players and it seemed it’s difficult for them to share a basketball and understand their role on the team, since all of them have been fighting for playing times.

    The current status of Dacin just proves how much Tien means to this team.

  3. Dear Chris, the chemistry problem of TB was first noted by you in a comment you made when TB brought Wu Dai-Hao back to Taiwan. You were right back then, and it takes time to bring all those good players together. But i would like to say that my personal feeling is that had TB had a “better’ coach, things could have been better. I feel in many games the coaching from the bench is not helpful. No disrespect to anyone but this is my personal opinion.
    In the meanwhile, last Sunday, Taipei Times had an interesting article about SBL and the need for the sport to have a regulatory authority (respected by everyone) that sets firmly the rules and observes the behavior of management and players in and out of the basketball court. It amateurish to have still players not getting paid every months but only according to the number of games they play. But this is a big issue that maybe we can discuss in the future. What is for example the vision for the future of Taiwanese basketball and who is responsible for it?

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