Sanders again wins BOW

It looks like Jonathan Sanders and Chen Hsin-an is taking turns at winning the Baller of the Week awards this season. Sanders was named Week 5 BOW again Tuesday.

The American forward averaged for 26 points, 17.5 rebounds, 3.5 assiss, 2 steals and 2 blocks for the week, leading demdia Numen to bounce back from a three-game losing streak with two consecutive wins over Dacin and Pure Youth.

Voting results (points):
Jon Sanders 32
Chen Chih-chung 24
Chen Hsin-an 17

2007-08 Baller of the Week:
Week 5: Jonathan Sanders (dmedia)
Week 4: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 3: Jonathan Sanders (dmedia)
Week 2: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 1: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)


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