2007 Guanhu Cup summary


Group A: Kyung Hee University (South Korea), Yulon Dinos, Taiwan Beer, Pure Youth Construction Group, Malaysia NT
Group B: dmedia, Dacin Tigers, Ryukyu Golden Kings (Japan), Afghanistan NT, NBC-Spring Cooking Oil (Philippines)


Oct. 3
Ryukyu 96-79 SCO
Yulon 85-80 TB
dmedia 70-69 Afghanistan
Kyung Hee 96-56 Malaysia
Dacin 75-66 Ryukyu

Oct. 4
Pure Youth 106-68 Malaysia
Afghanistan 96-92 SCO
dmedia 82-78 Dacin
Kyung Hee 77-71(OT) Yulon
TB 85-77 Pure Youth

Oct. 5
Ryukyu 80-79 dmedia
Kyung Hee 101-94 Pure Youth
Kyung Hee 75-66 TB
Dacin 99-88 SCO
Yulon 94-74 Malaysia

Standings: (thru Oct. 5)
Group A
Kyung Hee 4-0
Yulon 2-1
TB 2-1
Pure Youth 1-2
Malaysia 0-3

Group B
dmedia 2-1
Dacin 2-1
Ryukyu 2-1
Afghanistan 1-1
SCO 0-3

Remaining Schedule:
Oct. 6
Ryukyu vs. Afghanistan
dmedia vs. SCO
Yulon vs. Pure Youth
Malaysia vs. TB
Afghanistan vs. Dacin

Oct. 7
A5 vs. B5 – 9/10 place game
A4 vs. B4 – 7/8 place game
A3 vs. B3 – 5/6 place game
A2 vs. B2 – Third-place game
A1 vs. B1 – Championship game

(Photo source: Liberty Times)


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