Jones Cup Day 1

Opening ceremony

Lin Chih-jay

–Taiwan 90-77 Japan
Led by SBL regular season and finals MVP Lin Chih-jay, Taiwan shook off a first-half scoring drought and turned the game around in the second half for a 90-77 win over Japan’s WUG NT.

Lin made six threes in the game, including five in the second half to open up the game after a first-half that saw the home team struggling with its offense. Taiwan shot a miserable 1-of-15 behind the 3-PT line in the first 20 minutes and trailed 39-33 at the half.

TWN: Lin Chih-jay 20p, Tsun Wen-din 17p+9rb, Wu Dai-hao 10p+12rb
JAP: Yusuke Okada 23p+7rb, Shohei Kikuchi 18p, Yosuke Machida 15p

— Jordan 63-61 Kazakhstan
Jordan almost squandered a 12-poin lead but prevailed on a backdoor basket by Ayman Idais with 2.5 seconds to go and defeated Kazakhstan 63-61.

JOR: Rashiem Wright 25p, Zaid Abbaas 12p
KAZ: Mikhail Yevstigneyev 17p, Dmitriy Korovnikov 16p, Anton Ponomarev 8p

— Lebanon 80-71 Iran
El Cheikh Fadi El Khatib scored 35 points on 10-of-17 shooting and single-handedly led Lebanon to the victory. Lebanese center Joseph Vogel sat out the game as he lost his luggage during a flight transfer. Vogel is expected to play tomorrow

LEB: El Cheikh Fadi El Khatib 35p, Omar El Turk 17p, Rony Fahed 11p
IRA: Aidin Nikkhah Bahrami 21p, Hamed Ehadadi 16p+10rb

— South Korea 70-69 Qatar
South Korea took advantage of Ali Turki Ali’s missed free-throw with less than 10 seconds left when Korea trailed 69-68. Kim Min-soo tipped in Yang Dong-guen’s missed layup as the buzzer sounded to give South Korea the inspiring win.

South Korea twice trailed by 10 points in the second half. Star forward Kim Joo-sung is expected to sit out the entire tournament due to injury. Former NBA player Ha Seung-jin played only 16 minutes due to knee injury.

KOR: Kim Seung-hyun 15p, Lee Kyu-sup 15p, Kim Dong-woo 12p, Kim Min-soo 8p+10rb
QAT: Erfan Ali Saeed 25p, Mohammed Seleem Abdulla 14p

— Philippines 72-67 AIA
Jimmy Alapag shot a perfect 5-of-5 from the field en route to 19 points and Mark Caguioa scored 9 consecutive points for the Philippines down the stretch as Philippines took advantage of its expereince and upset the defending champion Athletes in Action, which mostly consists of U.S. college players,72-67.

PHI: Jimmy Alapag 19p (5-5 FG, 6-7 FT), Mark Caguioa 14p, Michael Pennissi 11p, Donaldo Hontiveros 11p
AIA: Todd Hendly 11p, Zack Gibson 11p, Tyler Wilkerson 10p


40 thoughts on “Jones Cup Day 1

  1. i am a big fan of team philippines but i am very disappointed with their performance in their last two outings against lebanon and japan, i know they can beat them even if there is only 4 of them on the court…poor coaching staff i guess

  2. i would rather had those defeats in the Jones Cup tournament than have it on the penultimate FIBA Asia Championships. I know that could be of help for them to be more careful and more mature in handling those types of games. They could use that as a learning experience and could become a better team. I believe that they have already the pieces of a great team. All they have to do is to polish those teamwork and confidence. Though its now very difficult for them to top the Jones Cup tournament but still they could be the Top Team in Asia… Go Go Go Philippines!!!

  3. i love the team philippines,,, why? because they are very friendly compared to the other team.. i wish you all the best,, i incourage filipino people living in taiwan to please support the philippines team.. pls bring philippine flag and banner to help the players more alive in there games… good luck team philippines and mabuhay,, coach please make some strategy to improve the game plan……

  4. so far the best team in the william jones cup 2007 are follows… japan, usa, the philippines and taiwan,, philippines is rank 1 followed by usa, taiwan and japan.. this data is based on thier game percentage for the last couple of games..

  5. no matter what they say… usa is still the best team….. crack down the philippines and lebanon team,…

  6. it’s team pilipinas’ comeback… they doing a very good job right now. the three time jones cup champion.

  7. im from the philippines and i am in support of team philippes all the way go go go…
    We Asians are really improving in our game… hopefully we could snatch some bigger victories against americans and europeans in the future…

  8. i watched jones cup basketball yesterday here in singapore played between team philippines vs korea, i appreciate team philippines for their team spirit and their confidence. they showed that really they are the best team in Asia.keep it up guys…

  9. i know philippines will b the champion…! so guy’s go go go..! mabuhay ang pinoy.!!!!!!!u r best.!great team philippines.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. With “Dynamite” Danny Seigle on the line-up team Phillipines will win the ABC championship. Gabe Norwood is one hell of a player! You rock! See you in Beijing next year! Go Pinoy!!!

  11. Our Team Philippines is one of the Best… But lack of focus on the end game and good defense is what we need to do… Go Philippines from Llamas Famil of Sampaloc.

  12. i was a little disappointed when the philippines gave the win to lebanon and japan… our standing should be 4-1 instead of 2-3

    we almost win over jordan last night.

    im very happy that even jordanians are very tall and agile, team pilipinas show that they can beat them. sayang…^^

    but still, im very proud of team pilipinas.. ^^ gudluck and may god bless you. i hope that you guys made it to the finals because you deserve to be there… ^^

    jerome ^^

  13. Hahah.. I love team philippines.. because im from the philippines.. but what makes me crazy is that cute korean guy named KANG BYUNG-HYUN… jersey no.7.. crush ng buong 3rd year bs physical science ng uP diliman… astig!!! hontiveros sucks… nagpatalo..

  14. yehey , nanalo tayo sa Iran….. look what Filipinos can do if they can only focus on their game for 40 minutes….

    lots of improvement….you are doing great men…. the dunk of william shook the entire gym hehehe….

    magagaling na, pogi pa ang mga pinoy players…mabuhay kayo…..God bless…..

  15. go philippines, please dont let hontiveros enter the game during crucial time because he sucks. go philippines fight! fight! fight!

  16. chot reyes should empower the effort of rebounding for the PHILIPPINES.. theres no such thing as a tall guys as long u have the fighting spirit to rebound the ball!! by mikhail talag

  17. Go Philippines! its time to bring back philippines on top… beat taiwan… God bless the Philippines……

  18. gud luck team pilipinas u r d best team in d cup go…go…go… nice job let us make d team spirit high!!! d never say die attitude by Mark Caguioa & Jay2 Helterbrand and Erik Menk MABUHAY KA PINOY!!!!!gUD LUCK

  19. the game i was watching between chinese taipei and philippines was just cut off the air just like that. that’s not nice at all.

  20. The game between Taiwan vs. Phils. was cut because espn cannot accept that Filipinos are good compare to their Chinese counterpart!!

  21. bat nman nla cut ung game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go pinas!!!!!!!!!!!! astig mga philippine team gudluck s fiba!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I am a very very big Fan of TEAM Philippines… i know this is the ryt tym for our team…Banat team Philippines..

    nway.. to all GUARDIANS members.. you can check Ligao city Chapter nga pla… pra nman lalo tyo maging close.. ito po ung website mga bro… visit nman

  23. Jones Cup is a learning experience for any team that will compete in the 2007 FIBA Asia, So from North to South, From East to West….PHILIPPINES IS THE BEST!!!
    Bigboy of QC

  24. team philippines i think is the best team right now in the jones cup, they had all the talent from shooting and slashing, i mean the type of bascketball the philippine is showing is an american type of game. eventhough filipinos lack the height their speed and quickness will always be a major factor. go team philippines.

  25. Go Team Pilipinas! I hope that they will perform even better in Japan!! Let’s all pray for them.. Astig ang mga tira nila! Sana amging consistent sila at kung pwede lang maiperfect ang free throw shooting coz’ every point matters!..All I could say is congrats for their performance.May they keep it up and whew…as always.. God bless Team Pilipinas!

  26. Go Team Pilipinas! We really appreciate all your efforts.I just hope you would play even better in Japan! We Filipinos will always be behind you!..Also, I hope you could improve your free throw shooting coz’ every point matters from now on. I hope we could show them once again that Filipinos will always have a place in basketball!!! God bless Team Pilipinas

  27. Team Pilipinas’ Standing could have been 7-1.. if it weren’t for that stupid Hontiveros…! please don’t use him.. he’s useless.. Chot has lapses when it comes to coaching.. it would have been different if Tim Cone was the coach of RP team… but.. let’s just charge it to experience.. after all, the team PILIPINAS is showing improvement now.. It’s the point were they really have to show their real strenght.. they’re now displaying the things they are capable of doing.. The real them.. they’re real game… so for all of our opponents on jones cup who doesn’t who doesn’t know how Filipinos really do it…

    just one word for y’all…


    by the way, i am not a filipino… i am just a great fan of Philippine basketball and Filipino people…

    Mark From LA

  28. The name of this site is Taiwan Hoops… but majority of the comments are from filipinos…


    go Team Pilipinas… Win the Championship…!!

    Grab all the rebounds.!! goodluck

  29. as we all know philippines got lots of skills eventhough they are underdog when it comes to hight but still they manage to go to the top and itseems almost all of there game are so espectacular and entertaining…… those filipinos out there who used to cheer for them continue supporting our national team …go for gold…..philippines ang lakas niyo!

  30. Wazzup guyz!… Go go go go Philippines… Don2x Hontiveros idol ng bayan. The pride of University Of Cebu (Webmaster). I know that team philippines will be the champion in jones cup not only in jones cup but also in Fiba Asia and Fiba World… Keep it up Team Philippines

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