2007 Philippines NT roster for Jones Cup

Asi Taulava 206cm 1973
Mick Penissi 204cm 1975
Erik Menk 199cm 1974
Kerby Raymundo 200cm 1980
Ranidel De Ocampo 195cm 1981
Kelly Williams 196cm
Gabe Norwood 196cm 1985
Nino Canaleta 196cm 1982
Tony Dela Cruz 193cm 1978
Dondon Hontiveros 188cm 1977
Renren Ritualo 188cm
Mark Caguioa 188cm 1979
James Yap 190cm
Jimmy Alapag 178cm 1977
Jay-Jay Helterbrand 183cm 1976

Head coach: Chot Reyes

(Credits to Hector U. Santos Jr.)


6 thoughts on “2007 Philippines NT roster for Jones Cup

  1. Excuse me, JayJay Helterbrand is playing for Brgy.Ginebra Kings and not San Miguel Beer… Just to clarify…

  2. Just to add, Asi Taulava is playing for Talk ‘n Text Phonepals, Mick Pennisi is playing for Red Bull Barakos, Ranidel de Ocampo is playing for Air21 Express,and Tony dela Cruz is playing for Alaska Aces… San Miguel Beermen is another team…

  3. Thanks for the corrections, guys. To avoid further mistakes, I took off the team names from the list. Players transfer all the time and I lost track of them…

  4. can we have a request, can you’re beautiful website report all the latest news in jones cup. we don’t know here in the philippines if it will be telecast live or delayed. thank you

  5. To anonymous:

    Thanks. I will try my best to report on the Jones Cup. And I heard that ESPN Philippines will broadcast the last three games of the day every day during the tournament.

    To dude2nuckle:

    I read your blog as well. It’s an informative website on Filipino basketball. Keep up the good work.

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